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I am not the Mark Hammond (yes, I have googled my own name, with notes on what I share in common with each one):

--who is the South Carolina Secretary of State  (though I do want to run for president of Peru in 2011)
--who is a Saint in Northwest London (although I do consider myself a saint)
--who is an actor (although I've always wanted to star in a movie)
--who is an independent Microsoft Windows Consultant in Australia (though I work as a software engineer)
--who is a musician (even though I play the tamboura)
--who is a professional photographer
(if you've browsed Beautiful Andes, you know what he and I share in common)
--who is
director of the Resource Management Department of the Southwest Florida Water Management District (I like water, a lot)
--who is a librarian at Southwestern College in California (although I did go to college in California, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo)
--who is a published author (I write poems and short stories in my head mostly)
--who works at the University of Cambridge (enough said)
--another Australian, this time a politician (see the first one in the list)
--Dean, College of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Biology at Campbell University
--the ham radio operator
--I am real, I am not the fictional star of Grand Theft Auto

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