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My Wish List
  1. World Peace.  Okay that one goes without saying.
  2. Donations of school supplies for my Pencils for Peru project.  I hope to start a non-profit organization to send much needed school supplies to children in remote parts of Peru. 
  3. Advice on the best/easiest way to start a non-profit organization.
  4. I want to help Armando and Melissa, who run Mystic Detours, buy the land they have their eyes on. 
  5. Investors for a Shipibo/Conibo festival to be held in Urubamba and advertised on the web.
  6. A set of 4 Peruvian whistling vessels from Entheo Sound or a set of whistling vessels made by the Chimu civilization of Peru.
  7. A Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 negative and photo scanner.  I want to scan most of my old negatives for posting on my website.
  8. A registerable copy of Adobe PhotoShop.
  9. A Jerry Jones Electric Sitar (you clicked on one to visit this page).
  10. A Canon Rebel EOS digital camera.
  11. To play the tamboura in a band.
So if you want to help me fulfill my wishes, here are some thoughts on what I can offer in exchange.

  1. Custom fractal art.  If you visited my fractal galleries, you might have noticed that I can incorporate pictures into my fractals, in unique beautiful ways.  If you have a picture of a loved one, and wish a custom fractal made, contact me.
  2. Tamboura lessons.
  3. Math tutoring.
  4. Textiles from Q'eros.
Think about it.  Let's barter.

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